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Bicycle World

1825 Northern Ave., Kingman, AZ 86409


Monday – Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm

Saturday 8:00am – 4:00pm

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The Best Bicycle Shop In Kingman, AZ

“Every day is the Deal of the day.”

Bicycle World is Kingman’s premier friendly bicycle shop. We feature top of the line new bicycles, bike parts and bicycle accessories. We are also reputable bicycle repair experts. We are trail bike specialists. Our inventory includes real mountain bikes for real mountain bikers, including high quality full suspension bikes and repairs at affordable prices. We can build custom bikes for all your individual special trail-riding needs.


Our top brands include:

  • Kona
  • Red-line
  • Cannondale
  • KHS
  • Fit Bike
  • Santa Cruz
  • Surly (really fat tires)

We have FREE trail maps!

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We carry FiveTen Bike shoes


Layaway Plans Available

Excellent Bicycle Trails

Mountain biking in Kingman, AZ is very enjoyable due to our spectacular scenic views and unforgettable sites. For the past eleven years we have been involved in creating mountain bike trails in Kingman. There are twenty-eight miles of mountain biking trails in Kingman from Sohi to Monolith Gardens.

The names of the mountain bike trails in Kingman include:

  • Cerbat rim
  • Monolith Gardens
  • Castle Rock
  • Badger Trail
  • Beale Loop


We also sell Scooters:

Our brands include:

  • Phoenix
  • Envy
  • MGP

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The Benefits of Riding a Bicycle

Bicycling helps decrease disease. For example, three hours of mountain bike riding a week decreases your chance of heart disease and stroke by 50 percent. Some studies also show that women who ride for more than thirty minutes a day have a decreased chance of breast cancer.

Riding a bicycle also keeps your heart healthy and strong. The centers for disease control and prevention recommend that adults get at least two and a half hours of moderate-intensity physical activity every week. This exercise must be rigorous and hard enough for a person to break a sweat and raise their heart rate. Mountain biking can do the trick!

Cycling is also easier on your joints than aerobics. Mountain biking proves to be an ideal alternative for the growing number of older Americans who might be suffering from knee injuries after years of high-impact sports like running. This sport offers similar cardiovascular benefits to running but with the impact on our joints.

Riding a bike even makes you happier! The Mayo Clinic notes that exercise helps stave off depression by releasing endorphins (brain chemicals that trigger a euphoric high). Physical activity also helps decrease the immune system chemicals that make depression worse. And that, fellow mountain bikers, is exactly why you end a bike ride happier then when you first started! – bicycle accessories, bicycle repair, bicycle store, bicycling, bike, bike parts, bike sales, bike shop, custom bicycles, cycle, kingman az, scooters – Kingman Merchants Mall


Diane Pherigo Knows Real Estate in Kingman

Diane Pherigo Knows Real Estate in Kingman

Diane Pherigo Makes It Happen

Realtor Supreme
(928) 530-9872
2404 Stockton Hill Road Suite A
Kingman, Arizona 86401

If you know Diane Pherigo, you know that she lives life to the fullest. She celebrates the joys of life and wants the best for everyone she encounters. Her customers are in for a treat. She will not rest until she finds the ultimate home to match her client’s needs. Her motto is “I make it happen! You make it home!”

She is easy to laugh, and appreciates humor in her life. A bit of a humorist, herself, she strives to make set everyone at ease. She does her job, does it well, and enjoys doing it. If you come to her in search of the perfect home, you will not be disappointed. She has the knack of understanding what her client’s need, when you understand people like she does, finding them the perfect home is never an issue. If you were to ask about houses for sale near me, Kingman, Diane can give you a huge, diverse list and cater the results to what you are looking for. No one knows real estate in Kingman like she does.

The Arizona Department of Revenue trained Diane as an Appraiser for the Mohave County Assessor’s office. For 18 years, she worked on land appraisals, property tax appeals. She has tread more Mohave County ranch land than the old cowboys!


  • REALTOR® certification
  • ABR – Accredited Buyer Representative
  • Platinum Club Top Agent Award

She has held 7 different Securities Licenses, all Insurance Licenses, and was IAAO Certified.  She is also an Accredited Buyers Representative, Short Sale & Foreclosure Specialist, and Certified Commercial Sales Specialist. Cleary, she is the most qualified person to assist buyers and sellers of real estate in Kingman.

In the early 70’s, it was Diane’s turn to relocate to Kingman, Arizona. As a mom with two kids and 8 grandkids, Diane knows how to make a house a home. When she’s not cruising on her motorcycle or entertaining grandkids, you can find Diane camping, hiking, and treasure hunting our many historic areas.  Floating in the river or lake is also high on her list. She has a has a real soft spot in her heart for children, dogs, cats, duckies, and bunnies. Diane is very generous in giving time to our local charities. She volunteers her time, knowledge, and resources.

A licensed REALTOR since the year 2000, Diane has been helping clients reach their real estate dreams and goals. Contact her today for your buying, selling, and investing needs. As Diane says, “I make it happen, you make it home!”

Go to Diane’s website and register: Take this first step to finding your dream home, Kingman, you will be happy you did! No one takes care of you like Diane Pherigo! – – Kingman Merchants Mall

Canyon 66 Restaurant and Lounge is Great!

Canyon 66 Restaurant and Lounge is Great!

Canyon 66 Resturant Kingman is the Best

3100 E. Andy Devine Ave           Next to the Ramada Inn
Kingman, Az 86401
(928) 529-5010


The Rockingest Restaurant Kingman Has!

If you’re searching for restaurants, Kingman, Canyon 66 will have you loving life! It’s a rocking restaurant and lounge, located in Kingman on Route 66, which serves a wide range of delicious classic Italian and American crowd-pleasing dishes, along with a great selection of locally brewed craft beers and fantastic wines from Stetson winery in Kingman.

Canyon 66 Restaurant Kingman High Five!

Every Day Feels Like Friday

At Canyon 66 Restaurant and Lounge, there is a daily happy hour, a full sports bar, and daily food specials. Rest assured, whether you want to chill out and watch the game over a cold beer, rock it to the best live music, or have a nice sit-down meal with the whole family, Canyon 66 Restaurant and Lounge, in Kingman caters for all. With its all-inviting family friendly atmosphere, Canyon 66 Restaurant and Lounge offers some of the best food, drink and entertainment in the area and for a price that will leave you smiling.

  American Style restaurant, Kingman Az

Enjoy the classic American-style restaurant, Kingman. There are some delectable appetizers or, if you’re after something more substantial, you can choose from seven mouth-watering gourmet burgers, served with piping hot french fries. If a burger isn’t quite what you’re craving, then why not try the hand carved roast beef sliders? They’re a favorite amongst locals. Their Scampi will make you jump for joy. It isn’t hard to see why people love this place.

Canyon 66 Restaurant, Kingman Mouth Watering

Canyon 66 Restaurant, KIngman Savory

Canyon66 Restaurant, Kingman Decadence

Canyon 66 Restaurant, Kingman Delectable

 Family Friendly Atmosphere

Although Canyon 66 brands itself as a ‘ restaurant & sports lounge ’, the place is very much a family friendly restaurant. It features over 200 fun murals of vintage television and movie stars all over the property. The restaurant offers a children’s menu filled with classic kids’ favorites such as pizza, chicken fingers and the best mac and cheese they will ever eat! The young’uns will holler if you don’t bring them back again.

  Thirsty? This is Your Restaurant, Kingman!

Oh, and for those nights when you don’t want to leave the house, there’s no need to sweat it, you can order online and have any one of Canyon 66’s heavenly dishes delivered directly to your door. To drink, Canyon 66 Restaurant and Lounge offers the extensive range of beers in Kingman, Az. It has local craft beers, including favorites such as Evil Red and 80 Shilling (Black Bridge Brewery) and Mud Shark (Lake Havasu) or alternatively, if you fancy something a tad more sophisticated, the exquisite wine from Kingman’s very own Stetson winery is sure to keep conversation flowing!

Your Local Spot for Entertainment!

Canyon 66 Restaurant, Kingman Great Entertainment

And, if you decide you’d like some entertainment with your dinner, Canyon 66 restaurant, Kingman offers first-rate entertainment so be sure to head down over the weekends to enjoy the comedy, improv, wine tasting, live bands, DJs and much more – for current event information, give them a call at (928) 529-5010, you won’t be sorry! For the best food, entertainment, and great atmosphere, Canyon 66 Restaurant and Lounge, is top choice. Check them out on Facebook and their website, . Among the best restaurants, Kingman, is your very own Canyon 66 Restaurant and Lounge! – Canyon 66 REstaurant and Lounge, kingman az, restaurant Kingman, restaurants Kingman – Kingman Merchants Mall

Meadview Lake Motel is Your Salvation

Meadview Lake Motel is Your Salvation


Meadview Lake Motel

30205 Escalante Blvd, Meadview, AZ 86444

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Your Getaway Spot

Meadview Lake Motel is your charming little getaway spot outside of Grand Canyon West. About an hour outside of Kingman, AZ is a tiny town called Meadview, AZ. It is nestled between the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon West and Lake Mead. For your excursions into nature, the highly recommended Meadview Lake Motel is your carefree place to relax. Being a small motel, you won’t be overrun by other guests like in a big hotel. It like you have your own private resort. Our accommodations are second to none and better than most. If you’re lucky, you call it your second home.

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Get Comfortable in Your Beautiful Room

Go on in, the staff waited for you to get there. They’ve prepared a room for you. We know you are tired, but gather your strength and walk to your newly remodeled room. It is warm and inviting. Kick your shoes off and relax in your comfortable room. The beds are heavenly and cozy, the water is hot and enticing, and the staff is dedicated to your excellent experience. Unwinding there will leave you deeply rested and ready for the next full day. It will be a better day if you start it reinvigorated. This is renewal. This is what a vacation is all about.

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Get Ready, Go!

You wake up ready to take the day by storm. This is awesome because you are smack dab in the middle of everything! Where will your adventure today take you? Do you want water activities? There is a boating ramp minutes away that provides convenient access to Lake Mead. If you prefer to go the other direction and stay on land, Grand Canyon West has some phenomenal hiking and its only minutes down Pierce Ferry Road. Its al close by. Go, have fun and know that you can return here tonight when you finish for the day. Meadview’s leading eateries are a short walk away from the motel. Even more terrific restaurants are on the way. Don’t forget, we have the most breath-taking sunsets in the country.

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Meadview Lake Motel

Book Your Room Now!

Don’t miss out! Make sure you book your room early, call (928) 564-2343. Reservations guarantee your space. You know you want to stay here again tonight. You have never stayed anywhere that holds a candle to the Meadview Lake Motel. – grand canyon, kingman az, Lake Mead, Meadview AZ, Meadview Lake Motel, Skywalk – Kingman Merchants Mall

Stat All Medical Supplies Has It All

Stat All Medical Supplies Has It All

Stat All Medical Supplies Caring Staff

2316 Stockton Hill Rd
Kingman, AZ 86401
Phone: (928) 753-7828

Stat All Medical Supplies, Kingman’s premiere medical equipment store is family owned and has been open for over 30 years here in Kingman, AZ!  We pride ourselves on the customer service of our staff and we are here to help you through the process of great health every step of the way.  Our staff is here to welcome you in and provide you with the best care as you make this new medical purchase.  While it may not be the most fun shopping you’ve ever had, it surely will be the smoothest supply purchase you’ve experienced!

Stat All Medical Supplies Everything You Need

Stat All Medical Supplies Don't See It? Ask For It

Stat All Medical Supplies Huge Variety

Stat All Medical Supplies Shoes!

Whether you are recovering from recent surgery or living with a chronic condition, your health, Kingman, is of our utmost importance.  Our store stocks the home medical products you need for your care.  We have your new favorite wheelchair and your trusty scooters, Kingman.  The oxygen machines you rely on, and the CPAP, Kingman, are here on our shelves. You can look and test out any of the products you need and we always have the newest technology and medical equipment available. Our equipment and products supplies are large in number and we have everything a person needs for their health. But that’s not all!  Any home medical equipment you need, we either have it or we can get it for you!

Stat All Medical Supplies State of the Art Scooters

Searching online for medical needs like scooters, and breathing equipment, can cause you stress. How can you try out a CPAP, Kingman, if its online? That is stressful and puts an even further damper on your health!  In Kingman, AZ, look no longer and come straight to Stat All Medical Supplies.  When you need home medical equipment, Kingman, we understand the stress and overwhelming feeling that you’ll have. With the fact that we have competitive pricing and accept Medicare, we take that stress away.

Stat All Medical Supplies Breathe Easy

Don’t get us wrong; we love our scooters just as much as any other person, but it’s not our main focus.  Our main focus is YOU!  We realize that when we take care of you, you take care of us.  We wouldn’t be successful in our business without our great customers. Our family loves the work we do and we are happy to provide you with your entire medical and health needs.

Stat All Medical Supplies Flexible Electric Beds

If you need to get new home medical equipment, Kingman, or upgrade your current medical supplies. Call us at (928) 753-7828.  Rest assured that this decision will be stress free and our amazing staff will care for you.  If you have any medical needs, big or small, STAT is here to help! Come in to Stat All Medical Supplies today.

Stat All Medical Supplies Happy People – CPAP, health Kingman, home medical equipment Kingman, Kingman, kingman az, scooters Kingman, Stat All Medical Supplies – Kingman Merchants Mall

Topher’s Mobile Mechanic Service Delivers

Topher’s Mobile Mechanic Service Delivers

Topher’s Mobile Mechanic Service

4370 N Arizona St
Kingman, AZ 86409
(928) 530-7001
open 24 hours


This is Where You Find the Best Mechanics, Kingman. Topher's Mobile Mechanic Service

Topher's Mobile Mechanic Service, A Lot Going On

Mechanics, Kingman, Topher's Mobile Mechanic Service, Where the Magic Happens

Great mechanics, Kingman! That’s what you will find at Topher’s Mobile Mechanic Services. Topher’s is an honest, family run business that provides all manner of auto repairs, Kingman. They’ll provide services at your home, on the roadside, or alternatively you can stop by and see them at their shop on North Arizona Street in Kingman, AZ. They’re a great bunch of down-to-earth guys who are sure to put a smile on your face while they see to whatever problem you might have.

the Best Mechanics, Kingman, Get Into Their Work

First Rate Mechanics, Kingman, Do It All

Whether yours is a gas, diesel or even a commercial vehicle, the guys at Topher’s Mobile Mechanic Service have got you covered when it comes to roadside repairs in Kingman, AZ. They’ll fix any car or truck, anywhere, no matter the make, model, engine, year or location. Be it a truck, a trailer or even a tractor, Topher’s Mobile Mechanics’ proud motto is: “If it has wheels, we can fix it.”

Topher's Mobile Mechanic Service, Chris Hard at Work

After all, we’ve all been there – it’s late, pouring down rain, the kids are running riot and then, the unthinkable happens; with a chug, a cough and a splutter, the car rolls to a helpless standstill, leaving you and the family stranded in the Hills Have Eyes country. And what’s worse? No covered breakdown! But rest assured, no matter the time – day or night – or the location, Topher’s mechanics are always in your corner, ready to help you out of any jam, minor or major. They will save the day and have you on your way. They are first-rate mechanics, Kingman! Topher’s in number 1 in auto repair, Kingman.

Tophers Mobile Mechanic Service

Led by friendly, fun-loving family man, Chris Lee, the Topher’s team is dedicated to getting you and your kin back on your merry way as soon as humanly possible. No job is too big or too small for the boys down at Topher’s. They’re always on hand to ensure you reach your destination in good time, good spirits and, most importantly, in one piece!

Topher's Mobile Mechanic Service, Another Success Story

Chris and the gang are happy to make house calls as required to get your motor purring again in no time. Additionally, Topher’s mechanics love a big rig. When they’re not providing help and assistance to folks on the roadside, they can likely be found up to their elbows in an 18-wheeler or a classic roadster. They should be first on your mind for diesel repair, Kingman.

Best Mechanics, Kingman, Big Rigs

For a nice, family friendly atmosphere and reasonable rates, Topher’s Mobile Mechanics on North Arizona Street is perfect for all your automotive needs. If you find yourself in a bind on the road or you want more information, give them a call at (928) 530-7001. You won’t regret it. Chris has created a nice, local, honest, business in Topher’s Mobile Mechanic Service; they’re eager to help and, what’s more, they will treat you right!!

Topher's Mobile Mechanic Service, The Mark of Excellence

Topher’s Mobile Mechanic Service offers 24-hour roadside assistance and repair in Kingman. They’ll work on your vehicle anywhere and they’re experts with all makes and models. They will get you running smoothly. They can fix your brakes, Kingman. Topher’s Mobile Mechanic Service, these guys are the best mechanics, Kingman.

Great Mechanics, Kingman, Dad's Little Helper


Topher's Mobile Mechanic Service- Logo Supreme
 – Auto Repair Kingman, brakes Kingman, Diesel Repair Kingman, mechanics Kingman, Topher’s Mobile Mechanic Service – Kingman Merchants Mall